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The best 3PL company for you depends on your business’s specific needs and purposes! Here we compare the best third party logistics companies and order fulfillment services!

Third party logistics companies and fulfillment services handle orders, inventory management, packaging, and shipping for ecommerce businesses. Outsourcing all of these functions allow you to focus on running your own online store and focus on marketing, product development, and sales-driving tasks.

The best 3PL company or order fulfillment service for you depends on your business, needs, purposes, and goals.

So, if you have your main market located in the United Kingdom (UK) then this article is what you are looking for, since we will compare some of the top 3PL providers for ecommerce in the UK and hopefully help you decide which company is the right fit for you:


This company is the best fulfillment service for ecommerce businesses. ShipBob has the lowest fulfillment rates and fast onboarding with no or low startup expenses. This logistics service provider is one of the few companies that operate warehouses all over the country. The shipping costs are affordable and guarantee 1-3 delivery time to most US addresses.


If you are looking for the best fulfillment service, look no further as this is without a doubt the best option for you. This company will help you find the best fulfillment company for your type of business. Considering the fact that their role impacts your business success, it is important to explore your options and find the best service for your unique needs and purposes. The fulfillment service providers offer business-specific specialties and you need to keep in mind these factors when looking for a potential company. Fulfillment Companies will review your needs and help you select potential service providers (there are over 500 candidates to choose from).

Red Stag Fulfillment:

This is considered to be the best fulfillment company for heavy, oversized, and high-value goods. If you are running an online store and you are selling luxury products, this is the 3PL company you need. Luxury and high-value items require special treatments and this is where Red Stag Fulfillment comes handy. This company has managed to negotiate excellent rates with FedEx which is a shipping company that allows you to ship oversized and heavy items at special prices. Another thing that makes this company great is the cutting-edge quality control system that monitors, controls, and video-tracks the warehouse and packing areas to avoid any packing errors, prevent loss, and avoid any shipping mistakes of expensive damages. If there is a mistake made on their end, you have nothing to worry about. They pay you $50 per occurrence which is very professional.

Fulfillment by Amazon:

If you are already selling on Amazon and you are looking for fulfillment software services, using Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent choice. Even though the seller fees on Amazon are about $15 of every sale, the Fulfillment by Amazon service fees are competitive and specially designed to help Amazon sellers. The best part is that your products are qualified for sales-drivers like Amazon’s free shipping service, Amazon Prime, and etc. It all comes down to evaluating third party logistics companies and comparing their services. Before you make any decision, it is important to understand the basic services that 3PL companies offer.

ShipBob is a great choice for businesses with quick inventory turnover and integrates with all major ecommerce platforms including Shopify. Red Stag offers high degrees of packing security and storage for your high-value products. Fulfillment by Amazon is a cost-effective solution for all Amazon sellers and Fulfillment COmpanies review your specific needs and match you with a suitable company.

So, which company best meets your business needs?